Create & verify Account


Step 2: Add your account information, password, confirmed password, and email.

Step 3: Access your Email and Confirm to Active your Account.

Step 4: Update account information:

+ Phone number
+ Full name (if Vietnamese)
+ Address (permanent address)
+ Add your Payment Info ( Metamask wallet address)

Step 5: Update security information (eKYC)

Security information( identification card, driver's license, Passport)

+ Certificate Type
+ CCID Number
+ Country
+ Certificate Date
+ Certificate Issue Place ( same as your card)


You need to upload a detailed photo of the document you selected in the previous step.
+ Card Front (Size below 1Mb)
+ Card Back (Size below 1Mb)
+ You & certificate: Photo of your face with your identification card, driver's license, or Passport. (Size below 1Mb).
  • Note: All your pictures and information need to be clear, authentic, and accurate.

Step 6: Successful verification message

  • You will receive notification to email, telegram message from GAMONI "You verified sucess.."
  • Before you can login GAMONI, you will see a note "verified" next to your avatar
Status verified