Users will be able to access a variety of potential game products through the G-Listing feature, thereby helping to choose the game that best suits their interests and gaming skills.
  • GAMES INFORMATION: Synthesize the most complete information of an NFT game: Brand name, developer, network, ...
  • GAMES RANKING: NFT Game ranking system is evaluated by: Players, Guild Owner and GAMONI
  • GAMES VOTING: The system of rating and commenting which helps users have an overview of NFT Games on GAMONI's platform
  • GAMONI MUST PLAY: Evaluating/Ranking system for NFT Game products from the perspective of GAMOTA - Traditional game publisher (Gameplay/ Story/ Graphics)

GAMONI management system

  • GAMONI management system is a management tool that helps players and gaming guilds effectively manage games and profits. It is also extremely simple and friendly.
  • Players management: Recruiting/Excluding members
  • Performance management: Playing performance management of players and gaming guild by API Game Dashboard system
  • Asset management: NFT asset management, pay wage/ rewards for guild member

GameFi Access Solution

  • GameFi Access Solution is a solution helping traditional gamers easily access and participate in NFT Game products.
  • Technology Solution: Applying blockchain to features helps solve the problem of ownership and sharing administrative rights in traditional games.
  • GAMONI Academy: Training programs and workshops from NFT game publishers and gaming guilds,... help players quickly approach and get familiar with NFT Game

Community Events

  • GAMONI Quest: This is a series of tasks that players must perform daily in GAMONI and receive rewards.
  • GAMONI Invest: The feature allows users to jointly invest in the project's IDO/INO activities at a lower cost and less risk.
  • GAMONI Leaderboard: The feature allows users to save the history and achievements of the games they had played.
  • GAMONI Tournament: The tournaments organized by GAMONI for games on GAMONI's platform with huge rewards
  • GAMONI MetaGam: NFT 3D Honor Room for players who have achieved or made great contributions to the GAMONI community.


Trading platform on Blockchain for GAMONI's users:
  • Buy & Sell NFT
  • Buy & Sell All Game Accounts